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Business success is not accidental and can not be forecasted too. It is said that “Opportunity favours a prepared mind”. Every venture meets up with its own opportunities and those who are prepared to derive advantage out of it, catapults to next league. Depending on the Geography, Times, Markets and Organisational Maturity, one has to weigh down and opt for Incremental improvements, Orbital transformations or Organisational revamp. While one travels through the forest day in and day out, direction of movement might not be exactly towards set goal post. Probably there are easier paths or different ammunition is required to cover the remaining distance or new goal posts have emerged which one failed to take note of. Probably we could assist.


Management Consultants have clichéd portraits – Masters of gyan whose fees are gold plated. Organisations, especially Small and Medium sized ones, Start ups, Co-Operatives and even some large firms in dire straits, are the ones who badly need support from experienced hands but can’t afford to do so. Objective of Harbinger is to offer affordable strategic consulting services to those who can transform with it. And those at harbinger are out there because of their passion and commitment to enable Organisations to meet their goals and objectives.

Deriving strategic road maps

Entrepreneurship is a journey which often starts with a dream. Changing times and market needs call for constant evaluation of roads ahead and resetting the goals. Identification of Long term, Near term and Short term strategic objectives become the starting point of Organisational planning.

Participative Business planning

Leaders have a vision. But do the employees share it? Or swear by it? Business planning can not be a top down communication, but a participatory exercise which aims at percolating down the Organisational objectives, right up to the last man standing.

Operational efficiency improvement

How much time the leadership and team are able to allot to review progress towards the business plan and alter the plan? And how many employees are able to forecast their work schedule for next two weeks? Or are they engaged only in operational fire fighting to discover a new fire every time they douse one?

Effective Human Asset management

An Organisation is as good as its people. Attracting, Moulding and Retaining talent is the key for Organisational success. Working environment, Career growth prospects, Job satisfaction, Recognition, Work - Life balance – There are host of aspects which makes an Organisation dream place to work.

Improvising “Go To Market” strategies

“A great product or service need not sell by itself” is an accepted reality. In a crowded market place with varied interests and umpteen choices, making your sound heard itself is a challenge. Invent of social media and Big data analysis have revolutionised the paradigm of Marketing.

Grooming next Gen Leaders

Organisations can move forward when its leaders can take up newer responsibilities. And this is possible only when new leaders emerge and take up larger roles. Identification of potential, grooming up, handholding and mentoring are to be institutionalized to constantly churn new leaders.

Business enablement thru IT adoption

Cloud computing, SAAS and On demand models have made cutting edge IT systems not just accessible to any Organisation, but eased the path of adoption too. Availability of right data at right time to right people enables informed decision making.

Organisational Quality improvement

Quality of an Organisation is measured by the way in which a task is executed by a typical employee, without being monitored. Great Organisations instill quality way of work as a culture which the employees carry though out their life. Quality does not reside in documents, but in the work place and that is the result of meticulously planned systems to suit the Organisation.

Developing innovation eco system

Organisations that do not reinvent itself to suit the times and market, fail to sustain. Innovation is not just limited to new products or solutions, but applies equally to delivery systems, Organisational processes and modes of conducting business. Innovation can not be a task assigned to one team, but the result from an eco system which is tuned to think different.


It’s not that the Organisation’s leadership is not capable of guiding the employees. But “Familiarity breeds contempt”. There is always an element of freshness and objectivity in external training which helps to create larger impacts. At times, Organisations reinvent the wheel when there are time tested methods of achieving the objectives.

Professional work etiquettes

In a diverse country which is home to varied linguistic and cultural traditions, it’s natural to expect non homogenous personal traits and working styles. While every individual has right to be different, some fundamental work rules are to be maintained by all to manage a professional work place. Internal and External Communication, Tracking and monitoring of assignments, Reporting, Ownership, Proactive approach, Conflict management, Resource utilization, Teaming – The basic etiquettes being followed, differentiates a professional Organisation.

Agile Project Management systems

Delays, Attrition, Un planned incidents, Change in requirements, Fund flow issues – There are various players out there to scuttle smooth progress of a project. Seldom we get to experience a project which starts and ends on time, meets intended objective, within the budget and with the expected quality. Situation becomes challenging when there are multiple projects progressing in parallel. Agile approach, Dynamic teams, Productive planning, Effective reviews, Transparent communications and Well-crafted risk mitigation methods – One need to keep multiple tools in the arsenal.

Contract management and negotiation techniques

A poorly crafted contract can sink a venture. This is especially true with respect to clauses on intellectual property, liability and liquidated damages. Firm stances in negotiations can cost the deal and loose tracks can cost you dear; how to sail through the middle path?

Branding and marketing in the digital era

Word of mouth, Exhibitions, Events, Outdoor campaigns, Advertising, Mail campaigns, Videos, Online and Social media marketing – Options are plenty and wallet can loosen fast. Who are your customers, What suits you and How to go about it?

Quantitative techniques for quality management

Stringent systems can turn you bureaucratic. Personal dependent systems struggle to scale up. Ensuring nimble footing while appropriate systems take care of consistent quality of delivery, is a challenge. Quantitative systems – Score cards, KPIs, KRAs, Dash boards etc., help to effectively monitor performance and initiate corrective actions.

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